You may be wondering, “why does Meryl have this book on her website?”

I feel it is important for you to know me… who I am and what skill set I offer.

Before being a realtor, my first passion was Chiropractic! Yes, Dr. Koslow. I practiced in New York City for 14 years.

Located on W.46th and Broadway in New York City in the Actor’s Equity Building… all I can say….it was a wild ride!

I also started and co-owned a nationwide consulting company, for over 20 years, to the Chiropractic profession. In order to consult, the building blocks of reputation, trust, integrity and committed relationship to our clients was present.

This book, SELFMADE, is a compilation of the TOOLS we taught our clients to grow their practices and their businesses. These are universal business truths.

I felt my book would be important for you to get an inside look of who I am and what I bring to the real estate transaction. Above all, Real Estate is my passion. Listing, marketing and strategically negotiating are my strengths and fun!




Think Rich, Get Rich

Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!

Now you can learn the inside secrets of how the wealthy think and act on opportunities where other people miss out. Imagine your brain being retrained to see and act on wealth-building opportunities the same way that the wealthy do.

With Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!, you will gain access to the beliefs and actions that have a proven track record of attracting and generating success.

What’s more, you will learn the best ways to cultivate and leverage relationships and acquire the millionaire skills needed to convert your dreams into personal self-fulfillment and financial freedom.

About Me

A Self-Made Life

Everyone deserves financial vitality and stability. There is no single path – abounding opportunities are within reach to those who have the confidence to seize the life they want.

Leading by example, Dr. Meryl Koslow has helped empower organizations and individuals around the world. When Meryl was twelve years old, she knew what she wanted. She would become a self-made woman, a millionaire through her own initiative and willpower. Starting from a modest and loving background, she seized on a core essential for any individual on the rise – education.

A natural bookworm, Meryl poured through the library stacks as much as her assigned textbooks, initiating a life-long passion for inspired writing and communication. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was her bible growing up, and active reading continues to form a cornerstone of her approach to a Self-Made life.

On point, honest, and no nonsense, Meryl Koslow has been the catalyst of her own prosperity, the author of her own success story.